I design for Paystack. This, at the moment, is my claim to fame.

I spent some time before now freelancing and building enterprise software. You can go ahead to see my work.

I'm unavailable for side projects, but you can send me an email just to say hi. You can also reach me on twitter @fathermerry. Share this website, if you think it's cool. Thanks for visiting.

I do both visual design and front end engineering. I design with Sketch and Figma and code front end with HTML, LESS and Javascript. As far as frameworks go, I can build with Vue JS and Angular 1. I also write a little bit of Node JS and Ruby on Rails, but don't quote me on that.

Freelance Work

This is work I've done for myself, with Helloworld.ng or for external clients.


I created (designed and wrote the backend for) an app to make sense of Nigerian bank account statements. I wrote this in Rails and Angular.

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One time, I aced an hackathin with friends, and we ended up with a code collaboration app.

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More Projects

In a bid to appease my altruism, I've also worked on some projects that directly help people, and I'm quite proud of them.


I partnered with @akinfals to create Devcenter, a community for African developers. Apart from co-founder roles, I was in charge of product and design for the first two years.

Devcenter Site Devcenter Round Table

Fast or Not

I worked with the CCHub to create a website to aggregate internet speeds and help people make the best decisions on data. I handled design and front end.

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Devcenter Square

While I actively worked on Devcenter, I created Devcenter Square,a community for open source work. I no longer work on it, but I'm glad it has grown to a Slack community of 3000+ people.

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I've worked for Cart.ng, Webxpress, Chronos and Delivery Science in the past. I was the designer at Devcenter, which I cofounded, up till 2016.


Now, I design at Paystack, Nigeria's best payment startup. I was solely responsible for all design and front end in the first year.

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I like nice emails. Try me – opemipoaikomo@gmail.com

I'm trying to experience everything I can. I frequently document my life, because it's cathartic. I've visited over 26 cities in 8 countries.

I acknowledge my privileges, and try not to abuse them. I like travel, interesting food, photography, dance, art, product design and vodka whiskey. Good chance you can't outdrink me.

I live for the aesthetically pleasing. You can read my tweets or my blog. Here's a photo of me and my mum. Thanks for visiting