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Aikomo Opemipo
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Male, Nigerian
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Product Design at Paystack
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Hi, I’m Opemipo

I work as a software designer and this website is a curation of all the content I create. You'll find links to my writing, design work and web experiments here.

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I keep a blog where I write about my life and express my thoughts.


I design software for web and mobile

I've worked for startups in eCommerce and logistics, done interesting freelance work as part of the collective Helloworld, and now I lead the team designing for payments at Paystack.

If you're wondering
  • What I actually do

    At a fundamental level, my job involves using visual software like Figma to create user interfaces for web and mobile. But to do my job well, I layer on skills like writing, animation, a decent grasp of user research, and good knowledge of the company's domain.

    I'm also familiar with frontend development, so I can write the code to bring these interfaces to life for people to use.

    Recently however, rather than perform these roles directly like I used to, I now support a team of people to do the work as well as interface with the business.

  • My professional work history

    I started out as a graphic designer in 2009 and eventually picked up web design in 2012. I started out making static websites and in 2014 I joined my first company Cart.ng—now shut down—as a web designer. Later that year, I moved to Delivery Science where I fully learnt the ropes of frontend development and creating web applications.

    My job at DS lasted for two years, after which I joined the founders of Paystack, Shola and Ezra, to build out the company from San Francisco in 2016. I was solely responsible for the entire front-end experience across all our products for more than a year.

    Three years later, we've now hired capable hands to help and I get to specialize as a product designer and lead a team of six.

  • What I've built

    I've worked on almost every web application offered by Paystack to customers, products such as the merchant dashboard, the website, the progressive web app Paystack Go, the Checkout form and more.

    I've also done freelance work as part of the collective Helloworld, which is mostly myself and Timi Ajiboye.

    Together, we've built things like the Eat Drink Bot— a chat bot for food recommendations, Tix— a simple event ticketing app, Cruncher— a web app for exploring bank statements, the website and app for coworking space Workstation amongst others.

  • I'm not available for freelance work

    I plan to spend the early part of my year figuring out how to build a great design team, so I'm unavailable to take on any new projects, either solo or with Helloworld. However, I may be open to mentoring and teaching, so if you're trying to find out about that, kindly email me at opemipoaikomo@gmail.com

I curate a playlist of songs that I have on repeat at the moment. This is usually my go-to happy playlist, and you're very welcome to follow or listen in.

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