• Wuruwuru

    A collection of publishing experiments including a database of album cover art, an animated short film about casual homophobia and a comic about weed.
  • JAND

    A comic about the lives of Nigerian students in London. I designed and built the website for Modé with help from Tomi Odusanya and Opeyemi Obembe. I also built a custom admin to manage the comic schedule and payments.
  • Sendcash

    I designed and built the first version of the Sendcash website and app. Sendcash enables fast, affordable money transfer around the world.
  • UX Learning Guide

    An incomplete guide for learning UX design. I'm hoping to publish a new version before January 2022.
  • @ori.igo

    A mural in our D3-3 house painted by Doyin Shotunde.
  • Timeline Expert

    Guess the username behind random tweets
  • END